Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Support Media Event Sponsorship and...

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Chapter 18 -- Support Media, Event Sponsorship, and Branded Entertainment (5e) !598-9 Charmin Restrooms was P&G’s brand building connection with consumers -- know gist of this promo- tion and how it worked (Dec. 2008 will be the third year for this experiential mktg event); this event also re- minds us that traditional mass media are no longer enough November 20- December 31st 2006 On Broadway between West 45th and 46th street Built 20 plush restrooms complete with baby-changing stations, stroller parking, aromatherapy, and charmin logo city maps as take-home gifts >10,000 “mega rolls” stockpiled Flat screen TVs showed continuos loop of charmin commercials, special messages, “Potty Dance” Flush-o-meters installed to get accurate count of usage Charmin bear brought in for entertainment and pics for tots Street teams roamed Times Square area on custom outfitted Chamin segways to foster interest in a re- stroom break Official “First Flush” done by Doris Roberts (everybody loves Raymond) 191 million media impressions were generated for Charmin in just 1st 24hrs NY times- “the disneyland” of restroom 600 more than ever, brand builders want to be embedded in the target’s entertainment; advertising, branding, 600-1 why convergence?; Garfield’s Chaos Scenario that suggests a death spiral for the 30-second network TV commercial Convergence of advertising, branding, and entertainment Search for new ways to reach consumers is erosion in effectiveness of traditional broadcast media Simple question= options People have ever-expanding set of options to fill their leisure times People don’t spend leisure time watching that much tv, and if so they can skip commercials “Chaos Scenario” the mass exodus of advertising revenue from traditional broadcast media due to audi- ence fragmentation and ad-avoidance hardware, which in turn reduces funding for affected media and serves to limit their product quality, reducing audience size.=accelerates diversion of advertising dollars even further until there is little reliance on these media at all for marketing. Advertiser’s dollars stop flowing to traditional media bc audience fragmentation and ad-avoidance hard- ware are undermining their value, thus networks have less to invest in quality of programs, leading to fur- ther reductions in size of their audiences N.B. The potential power and value of event sponsorships is set against the backdrop of an increasingly fragmented and expensive media environment. Hence, expect event sponsorships and experiential mktg. to become an increasingly important component of the IBP mixes of savvy marketers. 602
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Support Media Event Sponsorship and...

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