Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 - Direct Marketing and Personal...

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Chapter 19 -- Direct Marketing and Personal Selling (5e) 622 what two major points does the Wunderman test illustrates about direct marketers? Wunderman test=give me 13 cities to work in, give McCann comparable 13 cities, two of us will develop and run new campaign-winner takes all McCann- ran traditional ads, awareness0building campaign featuring prime-time ads Wunderman- went late night, treasure hunt w/ little gold box Two point about direct marketers Idea of staging a test Dm’s always seek to be in position to judge results. Clients want results Initiate a dialogue with the consumer Use little bit of mystery and throw in prospect of winning something and consumers get interested and send you back a response Proclivity for promoting dialogue !623-4 direct marketing definition; three paragraph explanation of the definition Direct Marketing- an interactive system of marketing, which uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and/or transaction at any location Interactive- in that marketer is attempting to develop an ongoing dialogue with customer Planned with notion that one contact will lead to another and then another so marketer’s message can become more focused and refined w/ each interaction Multiple media can be used in DM programs We do not want to equate direct mail and direct marketing A combination of media is likely to be more effective that any one medium alone DM programs are designed to produce some form of immediate, measurable response Designed to produce immediate sale Ability to gauge immediate impact of a program has great appeal to clients Direct marketing transaction can take place anywhere Customers do not have to make a trip to a retail store for a direct marketing program to work Consumers like option of contacting companies in many ways (companies make themselves available in both physical and virtual worlds) 626 what did LL Bean realize all long-term relationships were based on? Based on trust, and his guarantee policy was aimed at developing and sustaining that trust 626-7 three purposes of direct marketing As a tool to close the sale with a customer Done as stand-alone program, or coordinated w/ a firm’s other advertising High-profile mass media campaigns build awareness for their latest offer, followed by systematic dir- ect marketing follow0ups to close the sale To identify prospects for future contacts and, at the same time, provide in-depth information to selected customers Any time u respond to an offer for more info or for free sample, you’ve identified yourself as prospect and can expect follow up sales pitches from a direct marketing E.e stairmaster ad- u order free catalog and film, begins process of interactive marketing Also initiated as a means to engage customers, seek their advice, furnish helpful information about using a product, reward customers for using a brand, and in general foster brand loyalty
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Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 - Direct Marketing and Personal...

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