chapter13 - Chapter 13 Art Direction and Production(5e 408...

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Chapter 13 -- Art Direction and Production (5e) 408 long-term trend toward importance of visuals in ads vs. words -- adv has become more visual 1910- away from words towards pictures (visuals)trend extended throughout 20th to 21st century Marsha Lindsay, founder, owner, Ceo of Lindsay Stone & Briggs, “everything is visual”- doesn’t interview copywriters role of art director has grown more and more important relative to copywriter !408-12 illustration, six purposes -- key on 1, 3, 5, and 6 only Illustration- in context of print advertising, is the actual drawing, painting, photography, or computer- generated art that forms the picture in and advertisement Purpose To: Attract the Attention of the Target Audience attract and hold attention not easy with all the clutter some adv. situations (E.g early stages of a new product launch or for very “low-involvement” repeat purchase items) just being noticed by consumers may be enough most cases, being noticed is a necessary, but not sufficient, goal illustration is made to communicate with a particular target audience and , generally, must support other components of the ad to achieve intended communication impact Make the Brand Heroic done where brand is presented via illustration techniques such as backlighting, low-angle shots, and dramatic use of color can communicate heroic proportions and qualities “hero” or “beauty shot” David Ogilvy suggests that if you don’t have particular story to tell in ad, then make the package the subject of illustration Communicate Product Feature or Benefits most straightforward illustration is one that simply displays brand features, benefits, or both even though print ad is static, product can be shown in use through an “action” scene or even through a series of illustrations benefits of product use can be demonstrated with before-and-after shots or by demonstrating the reulst of having used the product Create a Mood, Feeling, or Image Stimulate Reading of the Body Copy Headline can stimulate examination of illustration, Illustration can stimulate reading of the body copy illustration can create curiosity and interest in readers to satisfy curiosity, readers may proceed to body copy for clarification illustration and headline need to be fully coordinated and play off each other for this level of interest to occur cleverness ahead of clarity in choosing an illustration can confuse receiver and cause body copy to be ignored, which in reality it usually is such ads win awards but can camouflage benefit offered by product not that many print ads that motivate consumers to actually read body copy has to there, and has to be good, in case they do Create the Desire Social Context for the brand advertisers need to associate or situate their brand within a type of social setting thereby linking it with certain “types” of people and certain lifestyles
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chapter13 - Chapter 13 Art Direction and Production(5e 408...

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