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Lab 11-The Telescope - Introductory Experiment II Optics...

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II Experiment EQUIPMENT NEEDED: The Telescope Introductory Optics System II -Optics Bench -150 mm Focal Length Convex Lens -75 mm Focal Length Convex Lens -Component Holders (2) L1 (150 mm Lens) f - -- - Line of sight Figure 21.1 The Telescope Introduction Telescopes are used to obtain magnified images of distant objects. As you can see by looking at Table 18.1 from Experiment 18, the image of a distant object when viewed through a single converging lens will be focused nearly at the focal point of the lens. This image will be real, inverted, and reduced in size. In fact, the greater the distance of the object (with respect to f), the smaller the size of the image. However, this reduced image is useful. By viewing this image through a second converging lens-used as a magnifier-an enlarged image can be seen. h,t-- -- --- -- -- -~t-- --------- --{> Figure 21.2 Telescope Magnification ,:l:. ~-j~, sc/snt/f/c
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r Introductory Optics System Figure 21.1 shows the setup for a simple telescope. The objective lens, L1, creates a real, inverted image. (You can barely see this image in the diagram.
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