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New Lab Report Rubric Physics 204

New Lab Report Rubric Physics 204 - (missing measurements...

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S, M, E Division - Physics 204-Lab Report Rubric Heading A lab title is clearly present at the beginning of the lab report (1) A lab title is missing from the lab report (0) Summary The summary clearly reflects the objective, the method followed, the data collected, a discussion of the results and cites specific evidence, discusses the validity of the experiment including experimental error, and suggests methods of improvement (no more than a full page) (6) One of the components is missing (5) Two components are missing (4) Three or more components are missing or (2) The summary is not present (0) Data Data is complete and is presented in computer generated tables. All proper units are included (2) Data is complete but may not be presented in a neat manner or is missing some proper units (1) Data is incomplete
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Unformatted text preview: (missing measurements, observations, given information, or it shows miscalculations) (0) Data is not present in the lab report (0) Questions All questions are correctly answered using complete sentences (4) One question has not been answered correctly or is missing. (3) Two questions have not been answered correctly or are missing. (2) Three questions have not been answered correctly or are missing. (1) More than three questions have not been answered correctly or are missing. (0) Graphs (when applicable) Graphs are correctly completed with title, labeled axes, and line of best fit. They are done using Excel or any other graphing program. (2) Graphs are missing either a title, labeled axis, or line of best fit (1) Graphs contain major errors (0) Graphs are missing from the report (0)...
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