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Pg0074im - PRUBLEM 2.3 KNEW A spherical shell with...

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Unformatted text preview: PRUBLEM 2.3 KNEW: A. spherical shell with preecriheci gen-mete: end surface temperatures. FINDt Sketch temperature diatrihntten Ind unis-in shape cf the cum. EGEEIHIATICI ASSU'hIIP'I'IDNSI [I] Steadyuctate canditiene. {2} fine-dimensional canduetinn in radial [spherical cacrdiaetee} directien. [3] No internal getter-MienT [I] Censtsnt prupEfi-ifl. ANALEEIEJ: Fourierh law, Eq. 2.1. fur thin lane-dimensional. radial [spherical canrdinste] system has the term ._ 1111* IE it hated: Hflrlfl: where at, is the surface area Inf e cphere Eire]: u A, +- inf. For etendy-atate conditions. an energy balance an the enters: requires that flnce El = E“ - D. E... n E.“ and thee the 'thent=flr+%[rl- That ie. 1. 1: a constant, independent cf the radii-J enurdinate. Since the thermal muductivitr in “Instant. it fullnfl that clr This relation requires that the pmduct cf the radial temperature gradient. cle'clr. and the radius generic-«i.r r'I remain: reactant thrnugheut the Ihel]. Hence. the temperature distributien appears as ehesrn in the ahmre, right sketch. BDIHDHEENTE: Hate that fer the shave madman. q, #mtl‘]; that is, 1.1, ie ennui-here conetant. But haw clue: 1:;J var].- an e {unctian a! radius! ...
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