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Pg0077im - PRDBLEM 2.5 KNDWN Temperature dependenna of the...

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Unformatted text preview: PRDBLEM 2.5 KNDWN: Temperature dependenna of the thermal mnductivity, HT]. far but transfer till-Hugh 1 plane WIII. FIND: Effect of HT} nn temperature diatributinn, TEE]. ASSUhlPTIDNSI [1] flnn—dimnnainnnl Iaiivi:liltiviiiiiiiin+ {3] Shandy-state mnditinna. [3} Pin internal heal. generatinn. ANALYSIS: Frarn Fourier'a law and the farm at HT}. - dT dT The shape of the temperature_di:trihntinn may be inferred i'rnrn knnwledfie nl' d'derl — d[dTfii:]fd:. Since q. in independent nl‘ ii. for the prescribed annditiuna. d dT dqi I ri'T dT —{kD+IT}m—IE -fl. Henrm diT dTi kn+aTnklafl a. r F ko'i'l-T Hi "hm [%] :wn fr-arn which it fallnw: that far T‘I' air-r0 nfifliddeir‘ a T a=U f {r 1 nifl a=£li dindxl =IJ T a. a q ii: aims” :a u. —"":r where tin: flurvature fur the temperature diatributinn '11:} is negative. arm. and Wraith-e. reapertiveljr. COMMENTS: The shape al' the iiiatrihutinn cnuld alen be inferred l‘rnrn Eq. {1]. Since T daereaaes with increasing 1:, a .2:- fli ii dermlaea with increasing ii =3:- I ded: I increases with increasing I a = I]: I: - if”, -} de'dii is constant a a: a: in increase: with inernnriing : -:=- | ded: | flat-rem with intreuing :. ...
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