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Pg0092im - PRGBLEM 1.19 ENDWN Mantra mph of mm diameter...

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Unformatted text preview: PRGBLEM 1.19 ENDWN: Mantra] mph! of mm diameter. length and densin initially at a uniform temperatm T:1 sandwich III electric heater which provider. I uniform heat fruit q'; for a period at‘ time at“. Curtditr'uns My after energizing and a lung time lflfl' tie-energizing heater ere pitsfiibud. FIND: Specific heat rurel thin-mull eunduetiuity ul‘ 1hr: test turnpie timer-ill. From these limpet-tin. itletlu'firtypcufmuteflll usingTebit-AJ MAJ. SCHEMATIE: L H . 27-6-1" q—Irreuiefierr miwf the 1H!!!” _ _ D: gamma—II?- Enfirre black _' Sample Ifrmiyffi _ Heifer-J Pf'fl'] I 5-way, 53190.3 CuseA- fen-l] 515m“ = HELP: I5W;T,I[3I] 51:1;le Curie B - furlhfltu. P=IJW'. furtr-fitu.Tpir-i=33.jfl”f rtSSUMPTIflNS: H: Dne-dirrrenrimu hertt trustee in umpires. i2} Unifrrem pterpenies. L'i‘r Perfect insulatiun. ntr lanes 91' healer puwer ttr insulafim. id} Heater hut negligible mu: 5. AHMJ'SIS: {insider a cuntan unlurrre air-um the sumpter anti heater t'munintervni nl'timet-flmnarrtiwrite the L‘llflfiflfi-‘fliiflfl trl'ertergy requ'tmmenl. Eut— Euul=rfiE= Er _ fit my — n = Mepi'l'ta-r — 'r,| Firth-mg far up. substituting Flume-ricer! vaiues. and reengrrizing the energy in is prescribed by Cart: A prawn: commit": and the final temperature T1. by Case 5. find PM... l5 Wuilfl r. i" = MITI—u - T.1 Litre-5 twmiirmr.mfitrrmzxu.umrntflju— tamlT up = 7M Jung-r: {I where M = p‘rl' = EpinDlMtL. Ihe mass trf berth samples. For Care A cuntlitr'trn. Ihe temperature rise at the heater sun-hue 11 it funeliun trf time has lire fur-m Isee Eq. 5.59 with rt-IJLI tr: _ =1" ' Tum T. ”q“[:l:pcpk] k: rtpcp Tnni- 12:] Cnntinued ...
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