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Pg0093im - PRflBLEM 2J5[CunL 3c m3 wit:1 1’ g_— —...

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Unformatted text preview: PRflBLEM 2J5 [CunL] 3c: m3 wit-:1 1’ g:_— — =Bfi.flW.-‘m-i-L {I macs 1:me um mug-K {2-HT - 21W”: wiicrc » P = my gamma F q " .. 18. 2:155:44} " HEREMFHIMI With thc Eclluwinl pmpcrcicc nciw knuwn, Emma? cP =Tfifiii'krfl k=36me-K search now in Tnhic all first m an: whcihcsr “Inc: at: typical of mcuilic cc ncnvmcicflic maria-ills. Chncidcnhc Ecllmring. I mmflicc wifli law I: Family hair: highcl' thcrmal cmductivifics. - specific limo-f b-cth typcsuf materials are cfsimfla: mayiituiic. - ihc law 1: VIII”- cf 111: sample is typical cf pour mmflic ccnductcrs 1which gcncraily him: much highcr specific 11cm. .- m1: than likcly. rhc mum-in] is nnnvmctniiic. Ecgin mick ihmlh Table. A}. and find thc ccccnd cncy. pclycrysiallinc aluminum oxide. has prupcrfics at an: E. commanding in thus: fmmd fnc m: samplcs. {I ...
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