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Pg0096im - FRDBLEM 1.11{Cunt Hence theheureteetfltenuter...

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Unformatted text preview: FRDBLEM 1.11 {Cunt} Hence. theheureteetfltenuter mt‘fnceir—‘rulPfl'uniflengfltis site: a: -2n [an Wflwfl] mess-xi} [—nmsxmi Mm] qum=nmmxm5 Wins, «:3 {1:} Transient [thee-dependent} museum: will exist when the genes-stints is changed, met for the presumed sssunspn‘nnst the tempemute is determined by the feline-ring form of the heat equetinn. Eq. 2.2:! 11 _ +' — HT r a: a: ill-pg”? Hence £113[3T Henriette:+ initially [at tnflii the temperature distribution is given by the prescribed form. Trri=Hm—4.lfi?xlfl5r3.nhd 1 a RT _lr. El ? E [by] it? E [rt-Ejflitlflj-fl] § ifilfififiaflxiflj'ri = snwm-tt [—te.nesx105 Emil] =4me sum} (the arigittal e = n. }. Hence. everywhere in the wall, ET 1 _,-._— 41hr“1 m“ w 1 a: timymissmmg-ttl I + I m -— = sets tea. <2] COMMENTS: (1} The value of tartan 1uI-I'ill decrease with inerelsing time hexand i=1}. until I new steady-state enntlitinn is reached and nnee again {Emit} = D. {I} El},r applying the energy ennsetvstinn requiternent. E11. 1.11m tn the red fur the steadyvstaie ennui-titan. Em + Egan — Em. = D. Hence qJfl'i warts-n}: —«E[1Ifitr§}. ...
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