Chem3700Syllabus11 - Introductory Biochemistry, CHEM 3700,...

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Introductory Biochemistry, CHEM 3700, Spring 2011, 3 Credits 11200 Section 1, MWF, 1:30-2:20 PM, Engineering 103 Prof. Lance C. Seefeldt, W241, Office Hours: Wed 3:00-4:00 PM (W241) Course Content: In this course, we will cover in one semester the range of topics typically included in the field of biochemistry. Chem 3700 is appropriate for most pre-health professionals, and other pre-professionals who need a complete coverage of biochemistry in less depth. This course contrasts with the chemistry 5700/5710 series, where the same topics are covered in more depth over two semesters. The overall goal of Chem 3700 is to provide students with the big picture of all of the topics typically covered in biochemistry. Further, students will be given more detailed views of the major classes of biological macromolecules, the metabolic pathways used in energy and precursor production, and the information pathways. Prerequisites for the course include chemistry 2300 or 2320 or equivalent. Text: The text used in the class is Essential Biochemistry , 2 th edition, 2010, by Pratt and Cornely, ISBN 9780470504772. The earlier edition of this book or other current biochemistry books should also work fine, but you will need to figure out which sections to read. Also used in the class will be Metabolic Pathways , 22 nd ed., by D. E. Nicholson, Sigma-Aldrich (M3782). Blackboard: The lecture notes, exam keys, grade sheet, etc. for this course will be available through the course Blackboard page. This site is found at Blackboard username = Banner ID; Blackboard password = Banner pin. Only students who are registered for the class will have access to the course Blackboard page. Exams:
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This note was uploaded on 05/24/2011 for the course CHEM 3700 taught by Professor Seefeldt,l during the Spring '08 term at Utah State University.

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Chem3700Syllabus11 - Introductory Biochemistry, CHEM 3700,...

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