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1st article evaluation - then focus on the major claim •...

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ECON 488  Senior Capstone Seminar                         Spring 2011        Name____________________________________ First article evaluation paper – Instructions 1. Read the article by Eugene White, "The Stock Market Boom and Crash of 1929  Revisited,"  Journal of Economic Perspectives , Spring 1990 pp.67-83 (you can get  a copy from JSTOR or blackboard). 2. Follow the article evaluation instructions on blackboard; try to limit this paper to  3 double-spaced pages. 3. More specifically:   Identify the major claim(s) made by the author. If you believe there is more  than one, make an explicit decision as to the major and minor claims and 
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Unformatted text preview: then focus on the major claim. • Be precise in describing the scope or crux of the argument; avoid generalities of the type “the author thinks the stock market was important.” • Identify the supporting points given in the article. • Come up with at least one critical assessment point for the article. Critical assessment refers to the questioning of the validity and strength of an argument. [Remember our discussion of critiquing the Samuelson article.] Everyone should be able to at least identify an area of questioning....
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