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article evaluation instructions-s2011

article evaluation instructions-s2011 - ECON488,,Spring2011...

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ECON 488, Senior Capstone Seminar, Spring 2011 Article evaluation write-up – Instructions The objective of the article evaluation writing assignments is an efficient evaluation paper. To accomplish this you should try to follow the guidelines below and avoid extensive summarizing. The target length is two-three double-spaced pages and there is a template sheet you can use that is in the assignment section on blackboard. There should be enough space for a couple of sentences for each of the six points. The theme of the written evaluations is for you to thoroughly describe the main argument and then offer some critical assessment of that argument. To do this you need to explicitly follow the set of guidelines below: Identify the major claim(s) made by the author(s). If you believe there is more than one, make an explicit decision as to the major and minor claims and then focus on the major claim. State briefly what you think is the main point of the paper. Being brief does not mean trivial is acceptable; avoid
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