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Explanation of files in this folder - the project. Next...

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This last project for the capstone course is being setup in a somewhat similar fashion to projects in the consulting course that I have previously taught. Your first group task is to pick a country and think over everything you need to do to complete the project on time. I want you to turn in a brief plan on completing the project – specific things to get done, division of labor between group members, and time frame for the different steps – when we meet Monday. The following two Mondays I will have group meetings with you and you need to give a progress report. To give you an idea of the writing involved, I have scanned in some documents related to the 1 st project for the fall 2009 consulting class (see the pdf). The first document is the description of
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Unformatted text preview: the project. Next there is a copy of the plan and first two progress reports for one of the groups in that class. Notice these are brief, more of an outline or memo, and not a paper in the normal sense. There are some other examples of plans and progress reports from other groups in that class in the pdf. You will occasionally see a record of hours; you do not need to do this, it was a formal requirement for the consulting class to get them in the habit of documenting their work time. Just in case you are curious, I have also included in this folder one of the student consulting reports for their 1 st project. There is another example of a consulting report posted in this folder from a former JMU student who is a consultant at KPMG....
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