Preparation for the First Video Taped Interview

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Preparation for the First Video Taped Interview (revised S10) For this exercise, you will be conducting a 20-minute intake interview. The goal of this exercise is to identify your natural skills and tendencies. Both interview partners will review both tapes in my office as assist each other in identifying strengths and areas for growth. Please have a new blank DVD R/W FOR EACH STUDENT to take to the office 5 minutes before your scheduled recording time. (You will use these in 3Ms) Interviewers This is your project. Take charge of the process. Plan your setting. It may be good to use a place or type of agency where you have already worked or feel comfortable knowing the agencies functions and limitations- such as where you did your CSL hours for SWK 287. Make the interview and the problem simple: ie. big Sister having trouble with Little’s family or a father seeking information on a referral for his son’s recent disability.
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  • Spring '11
  • Hunter
  • Semi-structured interview, partner, Documentary film techniques, 20-minute intake interview, Video Taped Interview

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