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process recording 317 revised 07final - GUIDE FOR...

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GUIDE FOR INTR0DUCTION TO PRACTICE PROCESS RECORDING (revised 2007) Cover Sheet 1. Identifying Information Give a brief statement describing the client (using fictitious name and identifying as such) or initials; race, ethnicity, gender; the context of her/his present situation (family composition, living arrangements, employment, education, etc.); physical and emotional presentation; reason for and source of referral. 2. Purpose of Interview and Presenting Problem(s) Give a clear, concise, specific statement in relation to the purpose of the interview. What does the client identify as her/his main needs and problems? Use the client's words as closely as possible. 3. Observation Give your general impressions of both the physical and emotional climate at the beginning of the interview and more specifically, its impact upon the client. This requires that you describe and reflect upon the feelings and attributes that you bring to the relationship that may have contributed to the emotional climate of the interview. Content 4. Instructor’s Comments (instructor will write comments in this column) 5. Interview Process This part of the recording is devoted to the actual (verbatim from MEMORY) accounting of the
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process recording 317 revised 07final - GUIDE FOR...

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