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Social Work 317 Social History (revised 2007) Purpose A. Provide information, which will contribute to the understanding of the individual in the context of his/her environment. B. Information helps to evaluate stresses and strains to which the client is subjected and the reactions that result from them C. Important in assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation D. Information presented is factual and in a narrative format Social History Outline Identifying Data (use fictitious name and address and identify as such) A. Name B. Address C. Telephone D. Age E. Sex F. Date of Birth G. Race H. Marital Status I. Occupation J. Education Source of Referral (do not use for class assignment) Describe how the individual came to have contact with you (your agency), i.e., who made the referral and why. Indicate if the person came voluntarily and the date of your first contact with the client. You may note this is a class assignment. Presenting Problems (both primary and secondary) It is best to use the client’s own words when describing the “problem(s)” that brought him/her to your agency. The primary “problem” will be the one that prompted the person to seek help. Additional problems may also be disclosed/discovered during the course of the interview. Current Living Situation This section should give a good picture of the person in his/her current environment and will include but is not limited to the following information: living arrangements (description and
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socialhistoryrevised8-07 - Social Work 317 Social History...

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