Assessing resource capabilities and framing solutions

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Assessing resource capabilities and framing solutions The goal is for each of you to get experience gathering and assessing information using the assessment tool you are studying. As a group today: 1. Compare and contrast the multiple ways that your group members envisioned using your particular assessment tool for understanding of hostility against women on campus. 2. Compare your questions to the 5 point ecosystemic schema (p239). Who is the focal point? What is happening inside the system, outside the system, how do they connect and how do they move through time? 3. Each of you refine your questions and how your instrument would be used (you can handwrite this on the sheet you brought today) 4. Figure out among you how you can get experience using this form of assessment. Do not leave class today before I understand what your group plan is for Thursday! EXAMPLES Genogram people could each do a genogram on a friend or eachother, talk with Dr. poe as a resource) Ecomap folks looking at systems could talk with a representative of a campus group to do a ecomap of
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