Course Outline S11 - Ch 9 Set up a one-hour interview to be...

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Course Outline (subject to revision) SWK 317- HUNTER 12:30- 1:45 HHS 2207 1/11 Greetings, orientation to class rhythm, practice case 1/13 Generalist Practice Ch 1 1/18 Theory informed practice: Human System Perspectives Ch 2 1/20 Application 1/25 Values and cultural competence Ford’s class in Richmond Ch 3 1/27 Application Self awareness exercise due 2/1 Strengths and Empowerment Ch 4 2/3 Application 2/8 An Empowering Approach Ch 5 2/10 Application make appointment to video tape 1st interview (intake) between 2/11 and 2/16 2/15 Forming partnerships- engagement discuss first video tape and intake assignment Ch 6 2/17 Application 2/22 bpd Midterm Discuss Social History 2/24 bpdArticulating situations- assessment Ch 7 Intake due, sign up for video reviews- conduct social histories next week 3/1 Dr. Anita Shankar on empowerment and cross-cultural work On-line- Planning- Defining Directions Ch 8 3/3 Ch 8 and application 3/8,10 Spring Break 3/15 Assessment of Strengths
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Unformatted text preview: Ch 9 Set up a one-hour interview to be conducted afternoon of 3/22 3/17 Application 3/22 Assessment of Resources- social histories Ch 10 3/24 Application interview and draft social history Bring draft of social history 3/29 Planning Ch 11 Final social history due Sign up for second recordings to be conducted between April 5 (after class) and 4/11. 3/31 Application Discuss final video assignment 4/5 Interventions: Activating Resources Ch 12 conduct video taped interviews 4/7 Application 4/12 Interventions:Creating Alliances Ch 13 4/14 Application Process Recordings due in my office box Monday morning before noon.or with your interview if before noon. 4/19 Interventions: Expanding Opportunities Ch 14 video reviews all week 4/21 Application video reviews all week 4/26 Evaluation: Recognizing Success Ch 15 4/28 Termination: Integrating Gains Ch 16 5/3 10:30-12:30 Final Exam...
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Course Outline S11 - Ch 9 Set up a one-hour interview to be...

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