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Alternative Assignment-goodlatte F10

Alternative Assignment-goodlatte F10 - visual appeal etc 3...

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Alternative Assignment:   Goodlatte Town Meeting 1]  Fully explore Congressman Goodlatte’s site on the House of Representative’s  website 2]  Then answer the following questions based on the info you find there: member of? -what are his interests -what committees does he serve on & how do they relate to his interests? - how or do his committees/interests fit with the area he represents  - what are some of the pieces of legislation he is involved in currently - critique his website…ease of navigation, relevance of info presented, 
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Unformatted text preview: visual appeal etc. 3] MOST IMPORTANT…find out who else could not attend the town meeting…then construct a list of questions to ask Goodlatte’s local office about what transpired at the local town meeting…see if a couple of you can either go downtown to the office or arrange a conference call to ask the questions. 4] Finally, write a 1.5 to 2.5 page mini-report of what you found out, your impressions and how all this might relate to SOWK and Social Policy. Due September 8 th in class...
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