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James Madison University Department of Social Work SOWK 305 Social Work Research Methods Spring 2011, TTh 9:30am-10:45am, HHS 1209 Instructor: Hyong Suk Yeom, Ph.D. Office: HHS #2143 Office Hours: T 10:45am-12:15pm & 1:45-2:45pm; Th 10:45am-12:15pm & 1:45-2:45pm; or by request Office Phone: 8-8087 Email: [email protected] Course Syllabus Course Description : Study of qualitative and quantitative methods in social work research. Demonstrating scientific and ethical research processes including formulation of research questions, selecting a design, collecting data, analysis and interpretation of data, and exposure to evaluation of practice. Diversity and inclusion are highlighted in the research process. Prerequisite: MATH 220 or SOCI 231/331. Course Objectives : This course is designed to: 1. Examine the methods and techniques used by social work research to explore and explain societal trends, human behavior in the social environment and program and practice efficacy. 2. Identify key components of the NASW Code of Ethics and requirements of ethical and liability issues while engaged in research process. 3. Facilitate understanding of the protocols working with human subjects. 4. Examine the effects of discrimination and oppression, social work values and the political/economic context of research in social work. 5. Examine the use of technology in social work research. 6. Provide exposure to software packages used to analyze data. 7. Facilitate understanding of the implementation of various qualitative and quantitative research processes. 8. Present the roles of research consumer and research producer. 9. Examine the importance of practice experience and the use of theory to guide the research question and practice evaluation. 10. Promote acquisition of skills appropriate to research writing. Learning Objectives : Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be expected to: 1. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues in social work research. 2. Identify and critique selected methods and techniques used in social work research. 3. Apply a variety of data analysis methods. 4. Demonstrate the qualitative and quantitative research processes. 5. Demonstrate knowledge of inclusion of the diversity perspective in social work research. 6. Use technology in social work research. 7. Review and critique journal articles. 8. Write in a professional manner and apply APA style when preparing a manuscript. 9. Demonstrate knowledge of evaluating practice. Required Text : 1
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Kreuger, L.W., & Neuman, W.L. (2006). Social work research methods: Qualitative and quantitative applications. Suggested Supplemental Text : American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (6 th ed.) . APA: Washington, D.C. Additional readings may be assigned as appropriate.
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305s11 - James Madison University Department of Social Work...

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