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ECEN 454 Digital Integrated Circuit Design Spring 2011 Homework 2 Due on February 16, Wednesday The I-V characteristic of an nMOS transistor is plotted in the following figure. A resistive-load inverter is very similar to a static CMOS inverter except that the pMOS transistor is replaced by a resistor (load). A resistive-load inverter is designed using the nMOS transistor and a 10K Ohms resistive load. Determine the voltage transfer
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Unformatted text preview: curve (horizontal axis corresponds to input voltage and vertical axis corresponds to output voltage) of the inverter graphically. You should explain in details how you obtain the points on your curve. Vdd = 5V. I DS (uA) V DS (V) V GS =5V V GS =4V V GS =3V V GS =2V V GS =1V...
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