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EE 312 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS SPRING 2010-11 TAKE HOME EXAM #3 Issued: March 17, 2011 Due (In Class): March 24, 2011 Q 0 V OUT R C R D V IN D 2 D 3 (1- ρ )R B ρ R B D 1 Q L 2 k β F =50, β R =1, ρ =0.7, R B =6 k , V D (ON)=0.7V, V BE (FA)=0.7V V BE (SAT)=0.8V, V CE (SAT)=0.2V 5 V 5 V -0.2 V 10 k Figure 1. 1. Consider the transistor modified DTL gate given in Figure 1. (a) Obtain the voltage transfer characteristic of this gate by determining all the breakpoints. (b) Find the maximum fan-out of this gate when its output drives similar gates, assuming that the saturation parameter ( σ o ) is 0.6. (c) It is required that the maximum fan-out of this gate is at least 10. Find the corresponding ρ value, assuming that the saturation parameter ( σ o ) is 0.8. (d) Find the average power consumption of this gate assuming that the fanout is one.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Simulate the circuit given in 1 (a), in LTspice . (LTspice software and its manual are available for downloading from Linear Technology ) • Perform a DC analysis to obtain VTC, where you sweep value of the input voltage and record the output voltage. • Perform a transient analysis to determine switching characteristics if this gate. Connect a 20pF load at the output and apply a 2 MHz square wave (0V-5V) with 50% duty cycle, with a rise and fall times of 20ns at the input. Find propagation delay, rise and fall times at the output. • Repeat part-ii for a 50pF load....
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