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ELE324hw1a - fm=0.01 m(n = cos(2 π fm n Plot m(n and its...

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Due ?, 200? ELE 324 - TELECOM I HW 1 We study Amplitude Modulation in this homework. i) Generate a carrier wave c(n) with (normalized) frequency fc=0.25 : c(n) = cos(2 π fc n) for n=1,2,…,256. Plot c(n) and its magnitude spectrum (use abs and dft commands). ii) Generate a modulating tone signal with frequency
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Unformatted text preview: fm=0.01 : m(n) = cos(2 π fm n). Plot m(n) and its magnitude spectrum. iii) Obtain the modulated signal s(n) = [1+ 0.5 m(n)] c(n). Plot s(n) and its magnitude spectrum. iv) Repeat parts ii) and iii) for fm=0.1 and s(n)=[1+ 0.1 m(n)] c(n). v) Comment on the results....
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