ELE324hw2a - spectrum. iv) Obtain x(n) = s(n) cl(n), where...

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Due ?, 200? ELE 324 - TELECOM I HW 2 We study Double Side Band Suppressed Carrier Modulation in this homework. i) Generate carrier wave c(n) with (normalized) frequency fc=0.25 : c (n) = cos(2 π fc n) for n=1,2,…,256. Plot c (n) and its magnitude spectrum (use abs and fft commands). ii) Generate modulating tone signal m(n) with frequency fm=0.01 : m(n) = cos(2 π fm n).Plot m (n) and its magnitude spectrum. iii) Obtain the modulated signal s(n) = m(n) c(n). Plot s(n) and its magnitude
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Unformatted text preview: spectrum. iv) Obtain x(n) = s(n) cl(n), where cl(n) = c(n). Plot its magnitude spectrum. v) Desing a LowPass Filter using Matlab’s fir1 with N=8 and W=0.3. Plot the filters magnitude response. vi) Using conv command, lowpass filter x(n) to obtain v(n). Plot v(n) and its spectrum. Compare with m(n). vii) Repeat iv),v),vi) with cl(n) = cos(2 π fcl n), fcl=0.27 . viii) Comment on the results....
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