ELE324hw4a - changing the sign – and plot s(n and the spectrum iv Obtain x1(n = s(n c1(n for the both signs Plot its magnitude spectrum v Desing

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Due ?, 200? ELE 324 - TELECOM I HW 4 In this homework, we study Single Sideband and Vestigial Sideband Modulation. i) Generate carrier waves c1(n) and c2(n) with (normalized) frequency fc=0.25 : c1(n) = cos(2 π fc n) and c2(n) = sin(2 π fc n) for n=1,2,…,256. Plot magnitude spectrum of c1(n) and c2(n) (use abs and dft or fft commands). ii) Generate a modulating tone signal with frequency fm=0.05 : m(n) = cos(2 π fm n).Plot m(n) and its magnitude spectrum. iii) Design the filter Hq(f) (lowpass filter to obtain the quadrature component). Plot the magnitude and phase of Hq(f). Pass m(n) through Hq(f) and obtain the modulated signal s(n) = m(n) c1(n) - mq(n) c2(n), where mq(n) is the quadrature component. Plot s(n) and its magnitude spectrum. Obtain s(n) with
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Unformatted text preview: changing the sign – (+) and plot s(n) and the spectrum. iv) Obtain x1(n) = s(n) c1(n) for the both signs (-,+). Plot its magnitude spectrum. v) Desing a LowPass Filter using Matlab’s fir1 with N=8 and W=0.3. Plot the filters magnitude response. vi) Using conv command lowpass filter x1(n) to obtain v1(n). Plot v1(n) and its spectrum. Comment on the results. vii) Repeat iii),iv),v),vi) for VSB modulation. In order to obtain mq(t): a) take Fourier transform of m(t) to obtain M(k), b) Pass M(k) through a filter with the transfer function H(k)=(k-1)/25 for k=1,…,26, H(k)=1, for k=27,…,128, H(k)=-1, for k=129,…,231and H(k) = (k-257)/25 for k=232,…,256. c) Take inverse Fourier transform. viii) Comment on the results....
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