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Due ?, 200? ELE 324 - TELECOM I HW 5 In this homework, we study Angle (Phase and Frequency) Modulation. i) Generate carrier waves c1(n) and c2(n) with (normalized) frequency fc=0.25 : c1(n) = cos(2 π fc n) and c2(n) = sin(2 π fc n) for n=1,2,…,256. Plot the magnitude spectrum of c1(n) (use abs and dft or fft commands). ii) Generate a modulating tone signal with frequency fm=0.05 : m(n) = cos(2 π fm n) and its integral mi(n) = sin(2 π fm n) for n=1,2,…,256. Plot m(n) and its
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Unformatted text preview: magnitude spectrum. iii) Obtain the narrow-band FM signal s(n) = cos[2 π fc n + β mi(n)] for β = 0.1. Plot s(n) and its magnitude spectrum. iv) Obtain s(n) as s(n) = c1(n) - β c2(n) mi(n) (with β = 0.1). Plot s(n) and its magnitude spectrum. Compare with the results in iii). v) Repeat iii) with β = 1 and β = 2 (to study wide-band FM signals). vi) Repeat v) with mi(n) = sin(2 π fm n), fm = 0.03 . vii) Comment on the results....
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