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ELE 324 Communication Theory I Spring 2009 Place: E-6,E-8 Time: Thursday 13:00-15:45 Course Outline: W1-Feb.12 Overview of Telecom., Review of F.T., LTI Systems and Filters W2-Feb.19 Amplitude Modulation W3- Feb.26 DoubleSideband Modulation, Quadrature AM W4-Mar.05 Hilbert Transform W5-Mar.12 Filtering of Sidebands, VSB, SSB Modulation W6-Mar.19 EXAM
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Unformatted text preview: W7-Mar.26 Angle Modulation W8-Apr.02 Frequency Modulation, PLL W9-Apr.09 Random Variables W10-Apr16 Power Spectral Density W11-Apr23 No Class W12-Apr30 EXAM W13-May07 Noise in CW Modulation W14-May14 Noise in Angle Modulation (+Television) Textbook: Communication Systems, S. Haykin, Wiley. Grading: 2 Term Exams, 1 Final Exam....
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