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Math 133 COURSE INFORMATION Spring, 2010 INSTRUCTOR : Professor Jay Kurtz, A227 Wells Hall PHONE : 353-8487 E-MAIL : kurtz@math.msu.edu. OFFICE HOURS : MWF 12:40-1:30. Other hours are available by appointment. When seeking help during office hours, it would be helpful if you would organize your questions in advance as much as possible, and be prepared to show your own homework attempts. If you are absent from class, please arrange to copy another student’s notes and be informed of any announcements made during class. TEXT : Thomas’ Calculus, Eleventh Edition. COURSE CONTENT : The precise material to be covered this semester is indicated on the accompanying list of assignments. It is assumed you are familiar with the material in the Preliminaries chapter of the text, particularly the information on trigonometric functions and identities. Read that chapter to be certain that this assumption is correct in your case. READING THE TEXT : Quickly read the section of the text to be covered before coming to class each day in order to have an idea of the material to be covered in class. After class, read (and if possible rewrite) your class notes. Then read the text material thoroughly before attempting the assigned exercises. Read the text material to be covered on each exam again when you begin studying for the exam. Read it one more time before the final exam. ATTENDANCE : You are expected to be present for all class meetings. This is a 4-credit course, therefore you should plan to spend a minimum of 4 hours in class and 6 hours outside of class every week in order to be successful. EXAMINATIONS : There will be four midterm exams (100 points each) and a uniform final exam (200 points). If your final exam percentage is higher than one of your midterm exam scores or your homework score, this lowest score will be dropped and replaced by your final exam percentage. If you are a student athlete, please let me know ahead of time if your team travel schedule conflicts with a scheduled exam, so that a make-up exam can be arranged. Make-up exams will be allowed only in cases of excused absence. In all other cases, there will be no make-up midterm exams. If you miss a midterm exam for any reason, that exam will count as your lowest and will be replaced by your final exam percentage. No student should miss two exams. Dates for all exams are included on the accompanying schedule. Be sure to be punctual on days when a midterm exam is scheduled, as no allowance will be made if you arrive late. You will be allowed to work until five minutes after the official end of class (55 minutes total). Complete solutions for the midterm exams will be posted on the Class Page for your section.
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EXAM QUESTIONS : Most of the questions on the exams will be patterned after those worked out in the text, those done in class, or of course the assigned homework exercises. In addition, there may be an occasional question of a conceptual nature drawn from the class notes or text material. Before each exam you should (at a minimum) review your class notes, the text material
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133syllabusSS10 - Math 133 COURSE INFORMATION Spring, 2010...

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