(11-18-07) id unknown aldehyde

(11-18-07) id unknown aldehyde - Arthur Yu Genevieve van de...

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Arthur Yu Genevieve van de Bittner, Chem 3BL 113 Identifying the Structure of an Aldehyde by Qualitative Analysis Discussion 1) Unknown 1 was a clear liquid that had an almond scent. In the process of identifying it, the first step was realization that there were only 3 possible liquids: (1) benzaldehyde, (2) cumin, and (3) 3-methylbenzaldehyde. There was no indication of odors in the provided data, so conclusions were derived from experimental melting points of the dimethone and dimethone anhydride derivatives versus the actual melting points of the possibilities. For the dimethone derivative, possible melting points were (1) 194-5°C, (2) 170-1°C, and (3) 175.5-7°C. The dimethone anhydride derivative possibilities were (1) 204-6°C, (2) 190-1°C, and (3) 218.5- 220°C. Experimental melting points for dimethone and dimethone anhydride were 197.1-8.0°C and 197.0-8.1°C, respectively. This data matches (1) benzaldehyde most accurately. Melting point depression for the dimethone anhydride is suspected to be caused by trace solvent. 2) (Please see the attached NMR spectra prediction)
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(11-18-07) id unknown aldehyde - Arthur Yu Genevieve van de...

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