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Unformatted text preview: MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTSL ENGINEERING CE221‐STATICS (3 credits) SUMMER 2010 Assignment 2 Due Date: 6/7/10 Name: _____________________________ PID: _______________________________ Note: ‐ This is NOT a group assignment. The response to the assignment questions should reflect YOUR effort and understanding. Maximum possible points 30, each question is worth 6 points. READ BEFORE YOU PROCEED FURTHER!!!! Homework must be done on engineering paper (no exceptions) as it is designed to be convenient to write. Work should reflect a step‐by‐step approach to facilitate checking by other engineers. To facilitate grading, your “answers” must be clearly marked in boxes or underlined. Make sure appropriate scientific units accompany the answer wherever applicable. All work leading to the answers should be attached and sufficiently complete for the grader to judge partial credit and reasons for error. If these guidelines are not followed the assignment will be returned un‐graded. It is YOUR responsibility to resubmit the assignment in a proper format; however, the assignment will be marked late and will result in a 15 % point deduction. Please staple this assignment sheet on the front of your solutions. Work the following problems from the text book 3.8, 3.15, 4.6, 4.11, 4.16 CE221‐Summer 2010 Assignment 2 1 ...
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