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Taking a vitamin supplement daily should ensure that we get enough of the necessary vitamins our bodies need for good growth and health of the body cells. If a vitamin supplement is taken every day, it will not raise vitamin levels to the point of toxicity in a person with an average diet. If too many vitamins are taken, either accidentally or intentionally, the levels may increase to appoint where the body is damaged. Depending on the vitamin involved, one or more body systems may be damaged, brain, liver, and kidneys for example. The actual symptoms vary widely, and depend on which vitamin has been over-dosed. Vitamin supplements are a very large industry, and a large proportion of Americans use them every day. People generally think that these tablets or liquids are harmless, but if taken to excess, serious health problems may follow. It is not the case that if one pill is good for you, two must be better. Misusing vitamins can be very dangerous.
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