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HTT 200 Week 6 assignment - Running head HOTEL SECURITY 1...

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Running head: HOTEL SECURITY 1 Hotel Security Justin Calame HTT 200 May 1, 2011 Edward Gaeraths
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HOTEL SECURITY 2 Hotel Security A lot of things changed in the hotel industry after the tragedy of Sept. 11 th . The biggest one being security measures. Before that tragic day guests did not really think about the role security plays. After Sept. 11 th is another story altogether, before we never had any concerns about walking into a parking garage, going in elevators, even the safety of the very room you are staying in. Security not only has a responsibility to keep the guests safe, but they also have to keep the employees safety in mind too. Before guests and employees would have felt safe by just knowing they are being watched on CCTV. Now that is a totally different story. I know I would feel safer if I physically see security walking around. I currently work for a hotel and casino, so security is real important however, security cannot be everywhere, which is where surveillance comes in.
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