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Week 8 CheckPoint: Why People Travel There are countless reasons why people travel, after thinking about it the five reasons I chose are business, vacation, company moved to new city, death in the family, and just for education. There are a lot of people that are required to travel because it’s a part of their job, if they don’t travel they don’t get paid. Everyone has traveled to go on vacation, whether stay in state or not. In this day and age a lot of companies are moving or have to shut down offices, so because of that the employees they don’t layoff end up getting transferred somewhere else. Most of them go because they are keeping their family in mind. The one reason no one likes to travel is when there is a death in the family. Both my brothers had to do this not too long ago because my father passed away, one came from Virginia and the
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Unformatted text preview: other from New Mexico. And of course there’s the education factor. A lot of high school seniors after graduation will go to college, while some of them stay close to home, a good majority of them will go to out of state schools so they can get the best education possible. My most recent travel experience was about a year ago when me and my family took a vacation and went to New Orleans to visit family down there. While we were down there we went to several different place. We visited the French Quarter, Jackson Square, the Audubon Zoo, the World War 2 Museum, me and my wife of course hit Bourbon Street. It was a lot of fun and the weather is great. Way different than what I’m used to in Southern Illinois. Maybe someday me and the family will move there for good....
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