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Outline and paragraph - and that hopefully they will at...

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Outline 1) Being young and irresponsible Sign up for credit cards that you didn’t realize carry such high interest rates. You don’t realize how important it is to pay your bills on time. Uneducated on money management. 2) Environmental issues You lose your job and have to choose between rent or the credit card bill, may lose car or house for non-payment. Late fee’s added up, too much to pay. The interest rates go up because the economy is doing poorly 3) Fraud Someone gets your SSN and opens credit cards in your name. Gets loans small or large under your name. The bills add up without being paid until you find out about them.
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The order of my paragraphs goes by the order of importance of the issues. The most common reasons are the ones that we all should know about. I put them first so if the reader does not finish my essay
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Unformatted text preview: and that hopefully they will at least learn from the first paragraph. Also, the information listed flows together from the first paragraph to the second and so on. In order to keep the readers interest this is very important. This order also flows from the introduction paragraph into the conclusion. I know when I read a paper, the flow of information is very important. I wouldn’t want to get lost in the information because there is no order. This is what I feel doing an outline has helped me with. By doing the outline I am able to make sure my information flows, or if it doesn’t I can try writing it another way. The order of my paragraphs to me feel good, the information flows and I don’t think the reader would be confused....
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Outline and paragraph - and that hopefully they will at...

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