Pop Culture - Music can change our mood from being down and...

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Pop Culture My pop culture media is music. Music is a pop culture media because it influences all ages and genders from how we dress, walk, talk, and style our hair to the cars we drive. There are many types of music; almost everyone is touched by at least one type. There’s rap, country, rock and roll, smooth jazz and many more. Today’s music is not only entertaining to listen to, but also to watch. Music videos are one way that music touches us. After watching a video we may want to dress like the lead singer, or get the same hair-do. Music is always evolving, one day we love a song and the next someone has out done it. This can also change us. Music effects out culture or trends. When we want to dress like someone from a video it starts a trend. These trends change just like the music does. Music is also used as a learning tool for children. Many kid shows have songs on them that are used to help kids learn something. Teens and adults use music as a stress reliever.
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Unformatted text preview: Music can change our mood from being down and depressed too happy in no time. We all have that one song that can turn a horrible day into a manageable one. Music has the power to help us deal with everyone life. A lot of the music out there is about life, here and now. It’s nice to have someone relate to how you are feeling. I remember after September 11 th I was so sad and then I heard the song by Alan Jackson called “Where were you when the world stop turning.” I cried like a baby, but that’s just what I needed. It allowed me to release my feelings. We use music to express our feelings a lot. At weddings there is the first dance as husband and wife, for this we pick a song that tells everyone how much we love each other. The father, daughter dance is the same way. At funerals we may play “Amazing Grace” or a song to express our loss. Even now we can assign songs on our cell phones to individual callers. These are all ways music touch our lives....
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Pop Culture - Music can change our mood from being down and...

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