The medical condition that I chose was Peptic Ulcer

The medical condition that I chose was Peptic Ulcer - the...

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The medical condition that I chose was Peptic Ulcer. To diagnose a peptic ulcer you would use several different procedures such as endoscopy (allows doctors to look at the inside of the stomach and upper small intestine to see whether ulcers are present), upper gastrointestinal series (an x-ray exam of the esophagus and stomach may be used to diagnose peptic ulcer disease), a fecal occult blood test (may be done to detect blood in the stool, which may be caused by a peptic ulcer or another serious condition), and a complete blood count( also may be done to look for anemia, which may be caused by a bleeding ulcer). Any of these test can be used to diagnose a peptic ulcer and then treatment can be started, treatment of a peptic ulcer is often involved with acid reducers and antibiotic medication. During the treatment process
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Unformatted text preview: the person is told to stop foods and smoking, anything that can irritate the condition or even make the condition worst. The disease that I picked had been diagnosed and the person who diagnosed did a very good job in my opinion. I think that the person explained how the condition is caused and explained to the patient what the treatment course is and how to relieve themselves of their symptoms. The doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotic medicines, I would have told the patient to avoid cigarette smoking, hot foods, acidic foods, and if taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The doctor will tell the person to return to be rechecked in 2 weeks, but if the person's symptoms get worst to call and let the doctor know....
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