SCI 241 Week 7 assignment

SCI 241 Week 7 assignment - Running head HEALTHY EATING...

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Running head: HEALTHY EATING PLAN COMPARISON 1 Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Justin Calame SCI 241 May 8, 2011 Dr. Autumn Hamilton
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HEALTHY EATING PLAN COMPARISON 2 Healthy Eating Plan Comparison For this assignment I actually had to look back at the first eating plan we did. After reviewing both my first paper and the first pyramid tracker, I compared then to the pyramid tracker I just did. The biggest change I noticed is that I have to cut down on eating fast food as much. Before I used to go out for lunch or dinner, and sometimes I might even eat breakfast, three to four times a week. Now I have cut that down to once or twice a week, and when I do go out, it is to a place like Subway or somewhere that can provide nutritional information. Whenever I am at work I do not always have the option of choosing healthy foods that are baked or broiled. Most of the things they prepare nine times out of ten are fried, which to eat healthy I am trying to shy away from fried food and limit them to once, maybe twice a week. Not only will my bod thank me for that but so would my heart. Something else I have started to stay away from is leftovers. When you cook something you get most of the nutrients it provides. However, when you reheat something the amount of nutrients you would absorb decreases. After doing the first assignment I had a better understanding of all the food groups. With having this knowledge I began to plan out more rounded meals for me and my family. We used to eat meals that consisted of a meat and some type of starch, whether it was potatoes, pasta, or rice with not vegetable. Now when I plan a meal I include everything for example I would make
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SCI 241 Week 7 assignment - Running head HEALTHY EATING...

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