SCI 241 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint

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Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint I have learned a lot about myself because of this class, it has opened my eyes to how I should eat and take care of not only myself but my family as well. The assignment I enjoyed the most would have to be our week 3 assignment, the Carbohydrate Presentation. I enjoyed this assignment because it taught me a lot about the different types of carbohydrates from simple to complex. I also enjoyed it because I was able to be creative in making the power point. The assignment that affected me in terms of my overall health and nutrition habits would have to be our first assignment that
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Unformatted text preview: we did. Talk about a slap in the face. This assignment affected me because it made me realize that I was not eating right, even when I thought I was. With that assignment it made me think to myself that I needed to change the way I was eating and I need to exercise more. If I did not change these habits I do not think I would be providing a good example for my daughter. I cannot expect her to eat right if I do not set the example. So with that assignment, it showed me everything I was doing wrong and not it is up to me to do something about it....
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