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Week 1 Checkpoint: Three Day Diet Analysis a. How does your diet compare to the recommendations you received from the Food Guide Pyramid? How many servings from each food group did you consume? My diet and the recommendations are like night and day. I never realized what kind of eating habits I really had until now. From the meat group I consumed about 3 servings a day, breads I ate about 4-5 per day, dairy I eat about 3 servings, and vegetables maybe 1 a day. b. How might you modify your diet to get the recommended servings for each food group? What are some nutrient-rich foods that you could add to your daily diet? My biggest problem is I don’t eat breakfast and lunch on a regular basis so a way I can modify my diet to get the recommended servings for each group is start eating more regular meals and stop snacking off and on all day.
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Unformatted text preview: Some nutrient-rich foods I could add to my diet are: brightly colored fruits, I also should start eating and drinking low-fat and fat-free dairy products. c. Examine the food labels for three of the items included on your food diary. List the following components for each of the items: • Total calories per serving • • Pepsi- 150, Peanut Butter- 190, Grape Jelly-50 • • Percentage of calories from fat • • Pepsi- 0%, Peanut Butter- 25%, Grape Jelly-0% • • Total amount of carbohydrates (in grams) • • Pepsi- 41g, Peanut Butter-7g Grape Jelly-13g • • Total amount of protein (in grams) • • Pepsi-0g, Peanut Butter-7g Grape Jelly-0g • Total amount of fiber (in grams) Pepsi-none, Peanut Butter-2g Grape Jelly-none...
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