Week 2 Trends of diversity

Week 2 Trends of diversity - like the previous two this is...

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Week 2: Diversity Checkpoint Major trends related to diversity in the hospitality industry 1. Diversity of the U.S. Population - this trend affects mostly the workforce of the hospitality industry. Reason being is minority groups like African American, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and the Hispanics are growing and will go from being the minority to the majority. 2. Working Women - this trend has changed over the last 100 years. At one point people felt that a women’s place was at home. Now over 50% of women now work away from home. This also resulted in a lot of two-income families, which seems much like the normal thing because most families cannot survive on just one income and still keep their family afloat. 3. Family Composition
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Unformatted text preview: - like the previous two this is also changing fast. When our parents were growing up it was common for families to have more children, now there are more families that either have no kids or just one. Also another thing is the amount of households that are just a single person home, meaning they are waiting until they get older to get married and raise a family. Take me I didn’t get married until I was in my late 20’s. 4. Changing Income Distribution- this affects the hospitality industry because it seems like the higher the salary the more frequent families tend to dine out. This can also affect the activities, interests, and opinions of the population. I believe that higher income taxes may have an effect on this also....
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Week 2 Trends of diversity - like the previous two this is...

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