Week 4 Franchising - Running head: FRANCHISING 1...

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Running head: FRANCHISING 1 Franchising Justin Calame HTT/200 April 16, 2011 Edward Gaeraths
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FRANCHISING 2 Franchising After reading the AAFD’s “8 Things to Look for in A Franchise” and the seven basic questions for a prospective franchisee, I came to realize that there is a lot of information that a person needs if he/she is going to be a potential franchisee. For the most part both documents are very different yet that is what makes them similar. They are similar because they are designed to help someone that wants to be a franchise owner. With that being said they one thing that was very close in the way they were worded is question #6: Does the company respect its franchisees? (1. Powers & Barrows, 2006) Number 6 on the AAFD’s document says “Your franchisor should have good relationships with its franchisees.” According to the AAFD’s document a franchisor who does not permit its franchise to organize is a sure sign of trouble ahead and strong franchisee associations, will pave the way to successful and cooperative
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Week 4 Franchising - Running head: FRANCHISING 1...

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