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employee motivation

employee motivation - their employers happy This type of...

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Yes, I believe it is possible to motivate most of a company's employees. The only way that this can happen is if a company is willing to take the time, identify the motivator and then provide the right motivation to that particular employee. Different people have different needs and wants out of their employment. Some people may want to be rewarded with physical gifts that they can show off or take home to their families and show them what a good job they have done at work. This type of employee would be an extrinsic motivator; they want something out of what they are doing. If they get a deadline met before the time is up, they want something in their hand to show that they have done a good job; this will motivate them to perform the duty again at a later date. Other employees may want just a simple, "You have been doing a really great job at your assignments this month, keep up the good work.", pat on the back type of employees don't care about what the company gives them they merely take joy out of making
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Unformatted text preview: their employers happy. This type of employee would be an intrinsic motivator; they want nothing more than to make their company proud of them, with nothing in return except maybe a little recognition about the job that they have performed. They want nothing more than to make their bosses happy with the job that they have done. I tend to be an intrinsic motivator, I don’t care to have material things to show I did the job well; I want to hear my boss acknowledge my accomplishment. A good manager will take the time and study their employees to figure out which employee prefers what type of motivation. Motivated employees will serve the company better in the long run. They will have much happier, content employees that are willing to do what it takes for their company to thrive above all the others that are in the same field as they are. A happier employee means happier bosses, and happier bosses’ means happier company owners....
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