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Faust questions - Introduction to German Literature(GER 91...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to German Literature (GER 91) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust. A T ragedy. Part One. First conceptions early 1770s, published as fragment 1790, Part I published 1808, Part I I published posthumously 1832. 1. In the "Prologue in Heaven": What is the outcome of the discussion between Mephistopheles and God? Mephistopheles wants to use Faust to show that humans cannot learn. God says that people can learn, even in their worst and darkest times. To show this, God allows Mephistopheles to intervene in Faust’s life. 2. In "Night": Why does Faust want to commit suicide? He finds no meaning to the world even though, he has learned everything the world has to offer in he does not believe in the supernatural. He thinks there is no meaning to life. 3. In "Outside the City Gate": Describe the contrast in Faust's mood from the previous scene. He is much more joyful and he is spending time with his townspeople. He enjoys everyone’s presence and livelihood. 4. In "Faust's Study I": What are the names and guises for Mephistopheles? Faust disguises himself as black dog. Later he turns in himself into a nobleman and a scholar after undergoing an alteration. 5. In "Faust's Study I I": How is this scene satirical, and who is the brunt of the satire? It does this by looking at the traditional academic disciplines that were discussed in the play’s first scene. Faust and academics are the brunt of the satire. Faust and education are the brunt of a satire. 6. In "Auerbach's Cellar in Leipzig": o What is Mephistopheles purpose in bringing Faust to the tavern? o He wishes to show Faust how good its feels to be with good company with a joyous mood. He want to brighten his spirits.joyous mood....
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Faust questions - Introduction to German Literature(GER 91...

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