Apr6 - Sustaining Growth, Sustaining Democracy o The...

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Key Terms · Social Market Economy · Welfare State · Social Safety Nets · Universal Health Care · The Wirtschaftswunder I. Post-War Economic Recovery and Social Democracy The Post-War American Economic System o The Americans were by far the most economically advanced nation o The Marshall Plan Made the Americans look good A New Model for Capitalism: The “Mixed” or “Social Market” Economy European Integration II. The Social Democratic Alternative: Origins, Goals, Outcomes Rebuilding Economies: A new raison d étre for Government o The government has a responsibility in the economy to do things that private enterprise do not do well Raising Living Standards, Building a Large Middle Class
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Unformatted text preview: Sustaining Growth, Sustaining Democracy o The Welfare State, Safety Nets, and Societys Collective Responsibility Retirement and Pensions Unemployment Insurance Health Care as a Right the United States is the only industrialized country that doesnt have universal healthcare Education Child Care o Managing Capitalism and Markets: Regulation, Investment, Mediation The Economic Miracle and a New Age of Affluence: The Case of Germany o Ludwig Erhard (1949-1963, 1963-1966) and The Social Market Economy radical conservative and part of a Christian tradition o Wirtschaftswunder A Remarkable Record of Success Which pie do you like more?...
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Apr6 - Sustaining Growth, Sustaining Democracy o The...

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