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Long Decline: Communism in Eastern Europe, 1970- 1989 Key Terms: Helsinki Accords Pope John Paul II Charter 77 Solidarity Vaclav Havel Lech Wałęsa I. Resignation “The most dangerous time for a bad government is when it tries to reform itself” – de Tocqueville Retreat into the Private Sphere Economic stagnation 1 2 o Polish board game all about waiting in line II. Détente and Dissent Helsinki Accords (1975) o Froze the maps of Europe o Guarantee certain human rights Vaclav Havel and Charter 77 o The Power of the Powerless
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Unformatted text preview: III. The Polish Pope and Solidarity The Role of the Catholic Church o Served as a social and cultural alternative to communism Karol Wojtya becomes Pope John Paul II The Popes Return (1979) Solidarity and Lech Wasa o There would be no freedom without solidarity o the Poles formed the first independent union in the Communist bloc o 10 million joined o To some, solidarity meant counterrevolution and striking against their own nation The general banned solidarity and declared marshal law Eventually, there were free elections once the Gorbachev revolution started to sweep the land...
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