Feb14 - Revolutions of 1848/49 and Their Consequences The...

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Revolution and Reaction, 1830-1859 Key Terms 1) Charles V 6) March Revolution 2) Louis Phillipe 7) Frankfurt National Assembly 3) Reform Bill of 1832 8) Germany’s Sonderweg (special path)? 4) Chartism 9) Revolution as Learning Process 5) Louis Napoleon I. The Restoration Challenged, 1815-1831 Greek Independence and the European Historical Imagination Charles V, Barricades , the July Revolution of 1830 , and Louis Philippe Success in Belgium ( Belgium Divided , 2011), Failure in Poland o Liberalism, Nationalism, and the Public Sphere in Germany : The Wartburg (1817) and Hambach (1832) Festivals Evolution, not Revolution: The Reform Bill of 1832, anti-Corn Law League, and the Chartist Movement in Britain II. The
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Unformatted text preview: Revolutions of 1848/49 and Their Consequences The Origins of the Mid-Century Revolutions: Europes 1789? o The French Contagion: From Louis Phillip to Louis Napoleon , 1848-1851 o Nationalist Revolts in Italy and Hungary The March Revolution in Germany and Austria: Initial Successes o The Frankfurt National Assembly o Liberals vs. Radicals o The Origins of the Workers Movement Failure or Defeat? 1848 and German History o It was a failure everywhere, not just Germany o Marxists labeled it as a failure of the bourgeoisie The liberals lost their nerve and were not liberal enough a turning point at which they failed to turn Opened the door for all of the problems Germany faced in the following century 1848-1849 as a Learning Process: New Identities, New Politics o people broke into political constituencies The Boring 1850s: The Reaction...
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Feb14 - Revolutions of 1848/49 and Their Consequences The...

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