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Hunt13 - Lynn Hunt The Making of the West Chapter 13 Quiz 1...

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Lynn Hunt, The Making of the West Chapter 13 Quiz 1. Seventeenth-century absolutism and constitutionalism were political responses to A. Louis XIV's attempts to conquer western Europe. B. the fear of disorder and breakdown that was the legacy of the Wars of Religion. C. the rise of the middle classes, who threatened to seize power from monarchs and aristocrats. D. the Catholic church's renewed efforts to assert its control over northern Germany. 2. The series of revolts in France known as the Fronde (1648–1653. broke out when Cardinal Mazarin A. persuaded Anne of Austria not to sign the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. B. arrested his opponents for demanding that the parlements must approve new taxes. C. announced a conscription of 100,000 men between the ages of seventeen and thirty. D. forced government creditors across France to extend payment deadlines by two years. 3. When Louis XIV assumed direct control as king of France, one of his first goals was to 4. Court life under Louis XIV was filled with entertainments and enjoyment of the arts. But it was also A. an opportunity for nobles to meet together and plot the overthrow of the king. B. an opportunity for individual nobles to gain favor with the king, often through intrigue and gossip, at the expense of other nobles. C. an opportunity for nobles to try to weaken Louis's power by distracting him with entertainments, fine food, and excess drinking. D. an opportunity for nobles to band together and demand concessions from Louis that would benefit the aristocracy. 5. Louis XIV admired and modeled himself after 6. As a counter to the parlements, provincial estates, aristocratic governors, and hereditary officials, Louis XIV employed
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7. Eager to extend French power abroad, Louis XIV worked on developing a large, professionally run army. Which of the following was not a characteristic of Louis XIV's army? A. Distribution of uniforms and limited veterans' benefits, such as hospital care B. A militia draft, instituting troop supplementation in times of war C. A senior officer corps trained in military academies and receiving promotions based on merit D. Barracks in major towns provisioned through central supply and distribution centers
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