Jan19 - Great Power Politics War and Diplomacy 1648-1763...

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Great Power Politics, War and Diplomacy 1648-1763 · How did international politics and conflict change after 1648? · What were Louis’s foreign policy goals? Why did he ultimately fail? · What was at stake in the conflict between Austria and Prussia? How did it reshape Great Power Politics in Europe? Key Terms 1) Peace of Westphalia 2) raison d’état 3) Balance of Power 4) War of Spanish Succession 5) Treaty of Utrecht 6) Frederick William I 7) Frederick II 8) The Pragmatic Sanction 9) Maria Theresa 10) War of Austrian Succession 11) The Diplomatic Revolution of 1756 12) The Seven Years War I. The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) and the Peace of Westphalia (1648) Began as a conflict between German Catholics and Protestants Devastation and Division in Germany o War took place on German soil o Up to one third of the German population died o Cements German division and shows the need for them to unite in order to protect themselves o Peace of Westphalia – each of the small states in Germany are allowed to conduct their own policy autonomously The Decline of Spanish Power in Europe The Rise of French and English Power The French–Habsburg Conflict o Shapes conflict and power in Europe for a century o Austrian Habsburgs were a collection of dominions all under one king Held their own under a series of strategic marriages The Secularization and “Civilization” of Great Power Politics
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Jan19 - Great Power Politics War and Diplomacy 1648-1763...

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