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Jan21 - o The commercialization of blacks made Europeans...

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Empire, Economics, and the Origins of Globalization Key Terms 1) Commercial Revolution 2) commodities 3) Atlantic System 4) slavery and slave societies 5) mercantilism (vs. capitalism) 6) Agricultural Revolution I. Expansion , the Rise of the Atlantic System, and Globalization Spanish and Portuguese Empires o Carved out empires in the Sixteenth Century in the Caribbean and South America The Dutch Trading Empire D o Became the wealthiest state in Europe in the Seventeenth Century British and French Colonialism ( India ) o India was not officially a colony at this point o Fought in North America for a long time, which fueled further conflict in Europe as well The Atlantic Slave Trade and Atlantic System o Slave Ship Diagram o commodities The Foundations of Racial Consciousness The Enlightenment and The Origins of Abolitionism The Globalization of War II. Commercial Revolution and Social Transformation The Rise of the Commercial Classes
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Unformatted text preview: o The commercialization of blacks made Europeans think even more that they were superior o Brazil was the last to abolish slavery • The Role of the State: Mercantilism and the Origins of Capitalism o Mercantilism – idea that there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world, and it is each country’s goal to get the biggest share possible • Agricultural Revolution and “Proto”-Industrialization o Enclosure o Surplus of food Move away from a subsistence economy Many people are then able to move to different jobs and produce more stuff • Social Change, Social Stability: Nobles, Middle Classes, and Peasants o Landed nobility maintained their power o Huge divide between Eastern and Western Europe in whose peasants are free and whose are not o Free peasantry in the West catalyzed industrialization o Middle class was not a unified class No political identity...
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Jan21 - o The commercialization of blacks made Europeans...

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